A week after the French presidential elections

Taking into consideration the people who, from day one, backed and supported the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron, his election as the eighth president of the fifth republic also means that the shameful story of French Imperialism and exploitation of the darker people in the world and within the Hexagon is still a long live story

Islam and Politics in France

The assimilationist campaigns from the colonial and imperialist eras have finally led to the permanent establishment of a French Muslim community whose presence and cultural expression is now perceived as challenging French cultural identity and values. In May last year, France was once again pointed out and condemned by the UN for its political stances that aim at curtailing the cultural expression of its ethnic minorities and particularly the Muslims. “What are the origins of the islamophobic positions held by French politicians and the mass media?” What are the political decisions that finally led to a form of “apartheid” opposing those who define themselves as “Charlies” against those who do not?” Why is the Burkini perceived as a provocation going against what some see as the French values?
Here are some interesting questions that this piece will have the opportunity to discuss.

The “Nice Attack” and a beheaded Catholic priest! But, who are the terrorists?

In order to get to a better understanding of what is going on, and where the Hexagon as a whole is heading to, I decide to apply a very scholastic method. “Who, why, what, Where, and when” is the methodological approach that I decide to adopt in order to clear up the opacity surrounding the different attacks that have been going on, on a regular basis in France for a bit more than a couple of years now.

The UK and the Brexit or when some Dumb people breaks it!

Let’s be clear and sincere on the issue. Most people who voted against the European Union did so mainly because of immigration. The quite well organised campaign presenting immigration in the United Kingdom as facilitated and empowered by the European Union was undoubtedly decisive in the choice most British made on the voting day.

The Euro Cup and the English

if the Fifa type of war could not take place somewhere else other than in a stadium. No need to mention that many white supremacists English hooligans found out that the myth they so much believe in and which make them feel superior to any other nation has no real foundations.