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French recolonisation and what should be done

The means of protest are many for the Malian people to reach their goal. Occupations and sit-ins in the French embassy and other French institutions or businesses must be privileged to force the Malian puppet government to impose on its masters the Malian population’s demand of real freedom and sovereignty.

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A brother (Jenniah Sense) speaks after the Grenfell (London) holocaust

At a time when open genocide has clearly become the only solution for racists to reduce the number of Blacks and Browns, a brother speaks. Also, message to those living under the Macron Regime in France: » Beware black world your depopulation has once again been programmed! »

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A week after the French presidential elections

Taking into consideration the people who, from day one, backed and supported the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron, his election as the eighth president of the fifth republic also means that the shameful story of French Imperialism and exploitation of the darker people in the world and within the Hexagon is still a long live story

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