Is the internet really dangerous?

As a student from University located in Paris, I’m very often facing the bad temper/behaviour of people in the French underground for example. No one ever talks to anyone. No, it’s not a myth, people in big cities aren’t very nice! On the contrary, internet allows us to meet people that we would never meet otherwise

A new country is born: “Azawad” or the Result of many mistakes?

… before he was ousted from power, the last president was sending the young soldiers, totally empty handed and with no weapon, to the front, to fight against the secessionist Tuaregs. While the co-opted soldiers, at the top rank in the Malian military force were drinking their teas all day long, many soldiers from poor families with no connection or relation in the administrations were getting killed.

Paris 19:Doing politics differently

At number 07 rue Mathis (75019 Paris) on Thursday 19th April, at 07 pm, we will be holding an event that could be the last opportunity for some elected politicians of the district to clarify their position … just before the elections.